459 m

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    Trails that connect to Spillway

    679 m
    , Both Directions
    Cheaptrick is a perfect trail for intermediate to advanced riders, as it offers a variety of challenging rock-based obstacles and steep descents. As you make your way along the trail, you'll be treated to stunning views of the surrounding forest.
    348 m
    , Both Directions
    892 m
    , Both Directions
    Riding from east to west it is generally a long downhill from "C" location map to spillway valley floor with a few climbs along the way. Finishes with a long decent with 5 sweeping turns on berms, trees and wall ride. Can be used as a long climb but just watch out for fast defenders.
    512 m
    , Both Directions
    Maya’s Run
    528 m
    , Both Directions
    Rock and Roll
    234 m
    , North West to South East

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