South Park to Broken Spoke


623 m

Trails that connect to South Park to Broken Spoke

Broken Spoke
182 m
, Both Directions
This short 182-meter-long trail at Guelph Lake features nice twists and is relatively flat boasting only a 4 meter elevation change from start to end.
196 m
, Both Directions
Those looking for a technical challenge will enjoy Digg'r, one of Guelph Lakes' black diamond trails featuring a rock garden that spans most of the entire 196-meter trail.
Grand Trunk Trail
2 km
, Both Directions
This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
1200 m
, Both Directions
Homestead is a black diamond mountain bike trail that will test your skills. At 1.2km in length, it is a lengthy ride that is packed with tight, twisty turns and technical features.
Homestead to Devils Backbone
164 m
, Both Directions
Going from homestead there is a very slight climb. This trail has some easy corners and can be a lot of fun in your loop around Guelph Lake.
Homestead to Mad Hatter
83 m
, Both Directions
Homestead to Mad Hatter is a short link trail that connects Homestead back to Mad Hatter, South Park and Digg'r. There is a small elevation change over the length of this connector but is otherwise very easy.
Mad Hatter
633 m
, Both Directions
South Park
500 m
, Both Directions
South Park is one of the first trails you'll encounter when you enter the Guelph Lake trails from the Victoria Road trailhead. Along-side Mad Hatter and Digg'r. South Park features a shallow incline and several features you can us to practice your skills.

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