Phoenix Climb


271 m

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    Trails that connect to Phoenix Climb

    Fight Club Climb
    254 m
    , South to North
    Fight Club's climb trail is a sustained medium intensity hill attack that swerves up and past some small roots/erosion and off-camber sweeps through pine and spruce needles.
    Grand Trunk Trail
    2 km
    , Both Directions
    This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
    Grand Trunk Trail to Dragons Tongue
    80 m
    , Both Directions
    This connector trail connects the Grand Trunk Trail to the top of Dragons Tongue. This trail also connects with the Dragons Tongue to Firefly connector, and Pinball.
    2 km
    , Both Directions

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