Mad Hatter


633 m

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    Trails that connect to Mad Hatter

    Devils Backbone
    922 m
    , Both Directions
    Devils Backbone offers a thrilling and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels. Whether you're heading up to the dam or cruising back down, this trail is sure to leave you with a good experience.
    Fight Club
    1300 m
    , Both Directions
    Fight Club has it all, speed, berms rock rolls, drops, tables, making at well rounded trail that anyone will enjoy riding. This trail has become one of the staple trails here at Guelph Lake.
    Grand Trunk Trail
    2 km
    , Both Directions
    This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
    1200 m
    , Both Directions
    Homestead is a black diamond mountain bike trail that will test your skills. At 1.2km in length, it is a lengthy ride that is packed with tight, twisty turns and technical features.
    Homestead to Mad Hatter
    83 m
    , Both Directions
    Homestead to Mad Hatter is a short link trail that connects Homestead back to Mad Hatter, South Park and Digg'r. There is a small elevation change over the length of this connector but is otherwise very easy.
    Middle Ground
    439 m
    , Both Directions
    2 km
    , Both Directions
    South Park
    500 m
    , Both Directions
    South Park is one of the first trails you'll encounter when you enter the Guelph Lake trails from the Victoria Road trailhead. Along-side Mad Hatter and Digg'r. South Park features a shallow incline and several features you can us to practice your skills.
    South Park to Broken Spoke
    623 m
    , Both Directions
    This 623m long link trail connects trails from South Park to Broken Spoke, connecting many trails on the western side of the Guelph Lake trail system below the dam.

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