891 m

Firefly is a moderately difficult, highly varied trail, with segments best ridden coming from the Dragon’s Tongue/Up the Dragons Tongue direction heading eastward. It climbs and descends on an undulating hillside with varied steepness and has many rooty sections interspersed throughout. It also features some high speed bermed descents, which create some tight and snappy, high-speed berm to berm moments.

Small/medium sized features are associated with the berm sections, and there are several jumpable rollers with optional lines and face steepness to allow any rider to choose a line thought. Riders carrying speed will be rewarded in the wide-open sections as the banked/bermed turns help keep speed up and encourage pumping and popping with lowered saddles!

Trails that connect to Firefly

Broken Sole
722 m
, Both Directions
Broken Sole is a moderate difficulty trail with some short challenging sections to create interest for all skill levels. It rides along a length of short and steep hillside.
Dragons Tongue
630 m
, Both Directions
Dragon's Tongue is a 400m trail with bermed switchbacks and a 16m descent. It's a fun and challenging ride for all skill levels.
Grand Trunk Trail to Dragons Tongue
80 m
, Both Directions
This connector trail connects the Grand Trunk Trail to the top of Dragons Tongue. This trail also connects with the Dragons Tongue to Firefly connector, and Pinball.
Hells Kitchen
674 m
, Both Directions
Hells Kitchen is a thrilling blue trail that offers intermediate riders a mix of technical features and fast-flowing sections. The trail includes berms, jumps, downhills, and tight twisty sections that will test your skills and keep you on your toes.
625 m
, Both Directions
Highway is an easy trail with minimal elevation that serves as a quick way to go between many of the trails due to its central location. Overall, this is a smooth trail, but there are a couple of easy rocky sections on the eastern end of the trail.
676 m
, Both Directions
150 m
, Both Directions
Ping Pong
68 m
, Both Directions
Snail Trail
534 m
, East to West

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