Fight Club


1300 m

Fight Club is a segmented trail that starts with a high-speed downhill section with medium/large berms on gentle to medium radius’ and is one of the icons of the Guelph Lake region. The high-speed top section empties out onto a hedge-row rock-roll that has jumpable rock lines and roll-around options.

From there the trail flattens out onto a swooping forest section with rollers and a mix of flat and bermed turns that help carry your speed into Andrejs Run, an optional feature section that has small jumps with mellow trajectories that can be approached by beginners or popped by more advanced riders. It then winds up with a final climb leading to the bomb hole featuring 3 drops of increasing diffioculty, some exposed roots and gravel for a last intense push.

Trails that connect to Fight Club

Broken Sole
722 m
, Both Directions
Broken Sole is a moderate difficulty trail with some short challenging sections to create interest for all skill levels. It rides along a length of short and steep hillside.
Devils Backbone
922 m
, Both Directions
Devils Backbone offers a thrilling and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels. Whether you're heading up to the dam or cruising back down, this trail is sure to leave you with a good experience.
Fight Club Climb
254 m
, South to North
Fight Club's climb trail is a sustained medium intensity hill attack that swerves up and past some small roots/erosion and off-camber sweeps through pine and spruce needles.
Grand Trunk Trail
2 km
, Both Directions
This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
625 m
, Both Directions
Highway is an easy trail with minimal elevation that serves as a quick way to go between many of the trails due to its central location. Overall, this is a smooth trail, but there are a couple of easy rocky sections on the eastern end of the trail.
Mad Hatter
633 m
, Both Directions
2 km
, Both Directions
South Park
500 m
, Both Directions
South Park is one of the first trails you'll encounter when you enter the Guelph Lake trails from the Victoria Road trailhead. Along-side Mad Hatter and Digg'r. South Park features a shallow incline and several features you can us to practice your skills.

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