196 m

Digg’r is a short, intense, rocky, technical trail built on a farm field-hedgerow that has minimal slope. The rocks and farm debris are used to create various attack/feature sections, sometimes with multiple lines, and includes a feature known as the tractor tire. The size of rocks/elements vary, as does the width of the trail. The elements are tightly packed together requiring the rider to stay on the attack for the entire 196m of trail. Approaching the trail from the south, heading towards the river, allows the rider to take advantage of the gentle slope to help carry momentum. Half-pedal-strokes can be thrown when amidst the rocks, but the trail requires strong bike handling skills to maintain momentum and complete a clean run.

This trail is challenging for beginners but is low risk making it perfect for those looking to practice their skills riding through a rock garden. Riders who conquer Digg’r will be rewarded with a thrilling and satisfying ride.

Trails that connect to Digg’r

Grand Trunk Trail
2 km
, Both Directions
This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
Homestead to Mad Hatter
83 m
, Both Directions
Homestead to Mad Hatter is a short link trail that connects Homestead back to Mad Hatter, South Park and Digg'r. There is a small elevation change over the length of this connector but is otherwise very easy.
Mad Hatter
633 m
, Both Directions
Middle Ground
439 m
, Both Directions
South Park
500 m
, Both Directions
South Park is one of the first trails you'll encounter when you enter the Guelph Lake trails from the Victoria Road trailhead. Along-side Mad Hatter and Digg'r. South Park features a shallow incline and several features you can us to practice your skills.
South Park to Broken Spoke
623 m
, Both Directions
This 623m long link trail connects trails from South Park to Broken Spoke, connecting many trails on the western side of the Guelph Lake trail system below the dam.

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