Guelph Lake


20.285 km

The Guelph Lake trail system offers green and blue level trails along with some black diamond. It has a large variety of technical features making it a great region to work on your bike skills. GORBA typically has several group ride there each week.

The Guelph Lake trail system has a little something for everyone. You are guaranteed to have a great time!


Victoria Road

North-West Guelph, East of the bridge over Speed River.



Riverside Park, Woodlawn Parking Lot

Parking at riverside park is readily available, and only a short ride away from the Guelph Lake Trail head.


Victoria Road Trailhead

Approximately 200 meters of parking on both sides of the road. We do not recommend parking here if you have children with you. This is a very busy road.


Region Trails

Broken Sole
722 m
, Both Directions
Broken Sole is a moderate difficulty trail with some short challenging sections to create interest for all skill levels. It rides along a length of short and steep hillside.
Broken Spoke
182 m
, Both Directions
This short 182-meter-long trail at Guelph Lake features nice twists and is relatively flat boasting only a 4 meter elevation change from start to end.
Devils Backbone
922 m
, Both Directions
Devils Backbone offers a thrilling and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels. Whether you're heading up to the dam or cruising back down, this trail is sure to leave you with a good experience.
196 m
, Both Directions
Those looking for a technical challenge will enjoy Digg'r, one of Guelph Lakes' black diamond trails featuring a rock garden that spans most of the entire 196-meter trail.
Dragons Tongue
630 m
, Both Directions
Dragon's Tongue is a 400m trail with bermed switchbacks and a 16m descent. It's a fun and challenging ride for all skill levels.
Fight Club
1300 m
, Both Directions
Fight Club has it all, speed, berms rock rolls, drops, tables, making at well rounded trail that anyone will enjoy riding. This trail has become one of the staple trails here at Guelph Lake.
Fight Club Climb
254 m
, South to North
Fight Club's climb trail is a sustained medium intensity hill attack that swerves up and past some small roots/erosion and off-camber sweeps through pine and spruce needles.
891 m
, Both Directions
Firefly is a moderately difficult, highly varied trail, with segments best ridden coming from the Dragon's Tongue/Up the Dragons Tongue direction heading eastward.
Grand Trunk Trail
2 km
, Both Directions
This trail travels all the way through the Guelph Lake trail system connecting the Victoria Road Trailhead all the way to Kane Hill Drive.
Hells Kitchen
674 m
, Both Directions
Hells Kitchen is a thrilling blue trail that offers intermediate riders a mix of technical features and fast-flowing sections. The trail includes berms, jumps, downhills, and tight twisty sections that will test your skills and keep you on your toes.
625 m
, Both Directions
Highway is an easy trail with minimal elevation that serves as a quick way to go between many of the trails due to its central location. Overall, this is a smooth trail, but there are a couple of easy rocky sections on the eastern end of the trail.
1200 m
, Both Directions
Homestead is a black diamond mountain bike trail that will test your skills. At 1.2km in length, it is a lengthy ride that is packed with tight, twisty turns and technical features.
676 m
, Both Directions
Mad Hatter
633 m
, Both Directions
Middle Ground
439 m
, Both Directions
Monkey Wrench
705 m
, Both Directions
2 km
, Both Directions
Phoenix Climb
150 m
, Both Directions
Ping Pong
68 m
, Both Directions
490 m
, Both Directions
235 m
, Both Directions
Roy’s Ridge
374 m
, Both Directions
Slope Side
550 m
, Both Directions
Snail Trail
534 m
, East to West
South Park
500 m
, Both Directions
South Park is one of the first trails you'll encounter when you enter the Guelph Lake trails from the Victoria Road trailhead. Along-side Mad Hatter and Digg'r. South Park features a shallow incline and several features you can us to practice your skills.

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