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Don't Ride

Lots of rain for the next few days. Please don't ride.

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This is as good as it gets, conditions are good everywhere.
The conditions are different between Guelph Lake and Arkell. Check the individual Intsagram postings for more details.
Watch for slippery rocks and trails.
Conditions aren’t good and it’s best for everyone that you don’t ride the trails.
Early Spring
Ground is saturated. Don't Ride. Please be patient, we're almost there!
Good Winter
The Winter Loop riding conditions are good!
It’s best you don’t ride – slush freezes over night and then you’re left with frozen ruts.
Slippery but rideable, studs are recommended for best traction.
Conditions are quite poor. Riding will ruin the trails. Please stay off.
Don't Ride
Conditions are quite poor. Riding will ruin the trails. Please stay off.


Saturday September 21st, 2024. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Great trails + great music + great food + great people = Great Times!

A Mountain Bike Festival for riders of all ages and abilities! 

This is a non-competitive event with participants riding some of Guelph Lake’s best trails on a specially designed, closed course with so much more!

If you’re a newer rider or are intimidated by the idea of competition, or if you’re an experienced rider and just want to have a great time, this is the event for you, your family and friends! 

You get to ride a well-marked course on some of Guelph Lake’s best trails and for every lap completed, you or your teammates receive a playing card. At the end of 6 hours, the best poker hand wins! But there is much more to this event than just MTB riding, there is great music, food, a bike industry expo and a lot of good camaraderie. The name of the game is to have fun and enjoy a full day of riding in the company of other like-minded people all doing what we love to do in a great place!

Here are photos from the 2023 event.


When do tickets go on sale?
We will be announcing ticket sales this summer, stay tuned for that!

Do I have to be a GORBA member to participate?
Yes! This event is for GORBA Members only. But don’t worry, anyone can join! The GORBA membership is only $40. That combined with the event entry is still cheaper than most any other bike event!

Do I have to ride my bike the whole time?
No. You are only expected to show up and have a great time! Ride whenever you like.

What is the ride format?
You register as a solo rider or as a team for the event. Only one rider from each team is allowed on the course at a time, solo riders have the opportunity to ride the entire six hours. Teams of two, three, or four ride it as a relay. Once a rider completes a lap and enters the pit area, the next rider can begin their lap. You can do as many or as few laps of the course as you like, then just hang out. It’s really up to you!

What is the course?
It is an special design 8 km loop through the Guelph Lake trails.

How do I win?
It’s not a race, it’s a poker run. Teams continuously lap the course at their leisure collecting playing cards. At the end of the six hours, the team with the best poker hand gets the grand prize! All other prizes will be “door prizes”… don’t lose your draw ticket!

Can I handle the course?
We’ve put together a special 8 kilometer course with a little bit of everything, it will be fine for most MTB riders with some experience. We had riders from 6 to 75 years young in 2023. We will be posting the loop as a Strava segment for you to try ahead of time. Depending on your ability and fitness, the course should take about half an hour to fourty-five minutes to complete.

What should I bring?
Bring a bike in good working order, a helmet, lots of water, bug spray and sunscreen, food/snacks, a chair/blanket, and some cash for a 50/50 draw… and just in case, there are treats on site for sale!

Can I bring my spouse/kids/dog/etc?
The trails are closed to the public on the day of the event, but we’d be happy for you to bring along your cheering/support crew. There are no child care services, just keep that in mind. There will be a porta-potty onsite, but otherwise facilities are pretty limited. We love dogs, but they must be on-leash. Patrollers are on-site and on-course to ensure the safety of participants.

Can I drive up to the start of the course?
The event starts on the other side of Guelph Lake Dam – vehicle access is not possible.

Where do I park?
Parking is available a short distance from the dam at Lakeside Church on Conservation Rd. Please be courteous and fill the lot from back to front. We will have one or two vehicles to shuttle chairs, coolers, etc. across the dam, but you will need to ride your bike or walk the short distance to the starting point. Drop your stuff off at the gate by the dam, go park, then load your stuff onto one of the shuttle vehicles and meet it at the staging area.

I am solo, how can I join a team?
You are welcome to put a message on our Facebook Group letting people know that you are looking to join a team.

Is there technical support?
Yes, one or more local bike shops will be on hand ready to help out with any minor repairs.

How much does it cost?
~$50 (exact 2024 price still TBD).

What do I get for my registration fee?
Included is entry to the event, parking, a t-shirt, food, a chance to win all sorts of great prizes and countless memories!

You must be a GORBA member to take part in the EPIC.