With the recent update to a new website, we can now easily provide updates on the going's on around GORBA HQ. Today's post will introduce a new trail upgrade and provide some info on questions we've gotten lately on building features on GORBA land.First up: our resident trail dude, Ian, went out last week with his puppy in order to build a berm to add a little bit more flow to Hell's Kitchen. The curve was notorious for throwing riders off-trail which isn't particularly sustainable so this berm adds some nice flow. I threw together this quick video so that you can see how it looks before you get there:[embed]https://youtu.be/SKaKTSZ4sGM[/embed]Thanks to Ian for coming out and riding and helping film, and to Kevin for riding with us in the last clip. Second up: We occasionally get asked what the deal is with building/modifying trails or features around the GORBA trail system.The short answer is please do not build or modify anything! Luckily for all of us, there is a long answer as well. Since we purchase insurance and put an emphasis on safety, the GORBA executive wants to be involved in all trail modifications which is why we ask that you refrain from creating any pirate trails. However, we're also a group of mountain bikers who really like having a good time out there, so we would be happy to work with you to create the best possible experience for everyone.If you really want to get involved or you have some sweet ideas you'd like to try to get off the ground, email us at trails@gorba.ca and let us know what you're thinking. Rules dictate that we aren't able to build any jumps or crazy north-shore-style features, so save your pennies and buy a tract of private land if that's what you have in mind. But if you have ideas to improve flow or see something on the trails that needs to be addressed, get in touch![caption id="attachment_221" align="aligncenter" width="800"]North-shore style features over a small creek. Yeah, No.[/caption]Feel free to send feedback on the new website at info@gorba.ca or via any of our social mediums accounts. Now go ride your bike!