⚠️ From October 23rd to 27th, the City will be installing cement pads at the new Victoria Road traffic light crossing ⚠️   During this construction period access to Middle Ground, Roller Coaster, and Grand Trunk Trail from Victoria Road will be off-limits.   Trail Crew is currently developing a temporary bypass trail to be used during this period. It will begin after the 'Bicycle Lane Ends' sign, and rejoin at the top of Roller Coaster trail. ✅ Follow all posted signage ✅ Stay on the bypass trail to avoid damage to crops ✅ Respect other trail users (those on foot or paw) who will also be using this bypass trail     We also want to take this opportunity to remind users of Guelph Lake's trail systems to not park in front of the farmer's lane gate when parking on Victoria Road!  

Thank you and RIDE ON 👊