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Guelph Lake Reforestation Update

The thinning of trees at Guelph Lake is complete! Check out https://www.grandriver.ca/en/our-watershed/guelph-lake-forest-project.aspx for updates from the GRCA. The main multi-use trails at Guelph Lake are now open and accessible. See map below. Open Trails: The open multi-use trails are highlighted in YELLOW. Please do not wander off them. GORBA Trails are Still Closed The Guelph […]

So, you’re wondering about the GORBA 2018 6-Hour EPIC…

We want to encourage people to come out and ride with us on September 15, 2018 at our annual 6-hour EPIC ride. Since this sounds like a LOT of biking, we wanted to throw together this little article to dispel myths and clarify what happens on the day of the event. ONWARD!

Trail Update: new berm on Hell’s Kitchen

With the recent update to a new website, we can now easily provide updates on the going’s on around GORBA HQ. Today’s post will introduce a new trail upgrade and provide some info on questions we’ve gotten lately on building features on GORBA land.

GORBA New Member Guide

Revised April 2014 Welcome to GORBA! The club is happy to have you as a new member and we have designed this section to ease your introduction to the club and to help you get the most out of you membership. ENCOURAGE RESPONSIBLE CYCLING GORBA encourages all cyclists to be good trail citizens. We suggest […]