Celebrate 30 years of GORBA's trails with some fresh kit!

The GORBA Jakroo jersey store will be open for three weeks from May 1st until the 21st.

It’s been a long wait, but we like the three sleeve option designs and think you will too. The jerseys are provided at cost and the team discount increases the more jerseys are ordered. In other words: the more orders received, the less you pay!

Still confused? Orders will be charged as a pre-authorized payment by Jakroo, but the price will adjust as volume discounts are achieved. Everyone pays the same discount price – regardless of the price when ordered.

Jersey Pricing (add HST):

2-5 pcs: $82
6-24 pcs: $66
25+ pcs: $61

2-5 pcs: $78
6-24 pcs: $64
25+ pcs: $59

2-5 pcs: $76
6-24 pcs: $62
25+ pcs: $57

Delivery directly to your house is $19+, plus HST – order with friends and share the delivery cost!
GORBA is not responsible for sizing. We recommended you take advantage of Jackroo's Size Recommendation Service—https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSc0i-4.../viewform. Note a reply will take up to two business days.

We look forward to seeing these jerseys around Guelph and as you mountain bike Ontario!