Volunteers Wanted!

2019 is an election year for the Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association! All executive positions are available.

Please consider volunteering for an executive position, as your help is needed to run this Not-for-Profit Corporation.

The following excerpts, about the executive positions, are from the GORBA By-Law.

Eligibility of Executive Board

Members wishing to seek election to the executive board must meet the following criteria:
  1. They must be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. They must be an individual;
  3. They must be of sound mind;
  4. They must not be bankrupt; and
  5. They must be a member in good standing

Additionally, a majority of the executive board must be Canadian residents.

Any number of positions may be held by the same member except that the financial officer may not serve concurrently as the president.

Mandatory Positions

The executive board must contain the following positions which must be filled at all times:


  • Sets meeting agenda, dates and acts as chair for all meetings
  • Empowered to delegate duties and functions to any GORBA member
  • Maintains a co-operative atmosphere at all meetings
  • Ensures adherence to the by-laws
  • In the event of a tie vote, casts the deciding vote
  • Is the only member allowed to incur indebtedness or borrow money in the name of the corporation
  • The president shall be the general manager of GORBA and shall supervise, control, and direct GORBA’s activities, affairs and officers
  • Liaison with other organizations
  • Co-signs GORBA cheques

Financial Officer

  • Receives, records and holds all dues and monies received by GORBA
  • Maintains the GORBA bank account or accounts
  • Pays all bills and reimburses authorized member expenses
  • Maintains GORBA financial records and makes the same available for review at the AGM or upon request
  • Co-signs GORBA cheques


  • Maintains club records and minutes of all meetings
  • Maintains membership database
  • Responsible for all correspondence pertaining to GORBA business

Communications Officer

  • Responsible for public relations
  • Organizes and schedules club rides
  • Responsible for communication between executive board and membership through a club newsletter or otherwise

Trail Supervisor

  • Responsible for overall trail development and maintenance
  • Coordinates trail maintenance activities within GORBA and with other organizations
  • Responsible for storage, care and maintenance of GORBA trail equipment


  • Responsible for all design and maintenance of the GORBA website

Discretionary Positions

The executive board shall also contain the following positions which may remain vacant indefinitely at the discretion of the executive board:

Women’s Events Coordinator

  • Acts as an advocate for female members
  • Responsible for special events for female members such as women only rides

Youth Events Coordinator

  • Acts as an advocate for youth members
  • Responsible for special events for youth members

Special Events Coordinator

  • Responsible for special events for all members, examples of which include camping trips, rides away from local trails, social events, etc.

Other Positions

The executive board shall have the power to create any other discretionary executive board positions as deemed necessary in the sole discretion of the executive board. The creation of such positions shall not require by-law amendments.

Election of Executive Board

Candidates may be nominated by any member including him/her self.

There are no limits to the number of times a member of GORBA may hold any given executive board position.

Voting for executive board positions shall be by show of hands. In the event of ties, the president shall cast the deciding vote.

Event Details:

AGM 2019 – Election Year

Date: March 20th, 2019

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: Wellington Brewery
950 Woodlawn Road West
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1K 1G2