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Trail Status Designations

This is as good as it gets, conditions are good everywhere.
The conditions are different between Guelph Lake and Arkell. Check the individual Intsagram postings for more details.
Watch for slippery rocks and trails.
Conditions aren’t good and it’s best for everyone that you don’t ride the trails.
Early Spring
Ground is saturated. Don't Ride. Please be patient, we're almost there!
Good Winter
The Winter Loop riding conditions are good!
It’s best you don’t ride – slush freezes over night and then you’re left with frozen ruts.
Slippery but rideable, studs are recommended for best traction.
Conditions are not ideal. Riding is not advised.
Don't Ride
Riding will damage the trails, please stay off.

GORBA 2024 Annual Meeting

Tuesday May 7th, 7 PM

Our 2024 Annual Meeting will be held in person at Royal City Brewing Co. 199 Victoria Rd. South Unit C8, Guelph, ON N1E 6T9.

You must be a 2024 registered GORBA member to attend. 

If you’re joining us, please register no later than Sunday, May 5th. This helps the restaurant to plan ahead. 

It’s been an incredible year and a lot has been accomplished! 

Plan to attend and learn all about what we have been up to and what we still have in store! The season is only beginning!

A link to the agenda, the 2023 AM minutes and the 2023 financial statement will be emailed on May 5th to those who have registered.

This meeting is particularly important as it is the last opportunity for GORBA to adopt its updated by-laws which comply with the Province of Ontario‘s most recent updated Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA).

All Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations have from October 2021 to October 2024 to comply. As per the provincial act, the GORBA general members are required to vote on updated by-laws and a special resolution from the act that mandates the setting of a range of the number of board of directors. Both the by-laws and the special resolution have been passed by the GORBA board of directors. 

Please find the updated bylaws here and the special resolution here. To better understand why the province mandates these changes, you can read the new legislation here.

Special Guest Speaker
If nothing else, come for a special presentation by GORBA board member and MTBer extraordinaire, Mike Siemens as he recounts his 1300km MTB race adventures in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco from February of this year. He has some stories to tell!

Come early and order dinner! The food is delish and you’ll be helping the club out too! The brewery will give us our deposit back if sales are good that night! Show up at 6 to 6:30 and make a night of it!

Parking is best behind the building, enter from York road. There is a back door.

We hope to see you on Tuesday May 7th!

The GORBA Board