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Trail Status Designations

This is as good as it gets, conditions are good everywhere.
The conditions are different between Guelph Lake and Arkell. Check the individual Intsagram postings for more details.
Watch for slippery rocks and trails.
Conditions aren’t good and it’s best for everyone that you don’t ride the trails.
Early Spring
Ground is saturated. Don't Ride. Please be patient, we're almost there!
Good Winter
The Winter Loop riding conditions are good!
It’s best you don’t ride – slush freezes over night and then you’re left with frozen ruts.
Slippery but rideable, studs are recommended for best traction.
Conditions are not ideal. Riding is not advised.
Don't Ride
Riding will damage the trails, please stay off.

2023 AGM Recap

On May 10th 2023, GORBA members gathered at Royal City Brewing Co. for the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Photo by Kevin Corrigan.

President Don Casey began the meeting by presenting the meeting agenda and delivering a President’s Message to the group. Afterwards, the 2022 AGM meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted by the collective in attendance.

Next, financial Officer Troy Bart presented the 2021 and 2022 financials for review:

Photo by Kevin Corrigan.

Webmaster Kevin Corrigan presented updates on the GORBA website, including a new host and email provider to come. Moving forward, the website (you’re here now!) will play a larger role in posting current trail statuses, which you may have noticed being posted already on the front page. Long term, the website will also eventually integrate memberships, the club ride calendar, donations, and more. We think many of our members won’t miss TeamPages!

…Which brings us to the club communications update. Communications Officer Danielle Bourque is looking to engage members beyond our social media—Facebook (/mtbguelph), Instagram (@gorbamtb), and Twitter (@gorbamtb)—to providing key updates on the website (like this one!), and via an email list to all club members. While there currently is an optional members-only Facebook Group, alternative platforms are being explored to offer more club members better ways to connect with one another. Stay tuned!

You’ve likely seen our dedicated Trail Ambassador, Kevin Alger, leading a group on our Tuesday Intermediate Club Rides at some point. Kevin presented the 2023 ride calendar, which included:

  • Tuesday Eve. Guelph Lake Intermediate/Social/Fast Rides
  • Wednesday Eve. Guelph Lake Ladies Ride
  • Thursday Eve. Arkell Springs Advanced Ride
  • Saturday Morning (Location Varies) Intermediate Ride
  • Daytime Rides (date/time/location varies)

Kevin also acknowledged those club members who came forward to be Ride Leaders, who attend and help organize groups on these rides, and provided a recap on the Turkey Point Camping weekend from June 2022:

Photo by Kevin Alger.

Danielle also provided a brief recap on The MTB Exchange that took place in October of last year. 50+ women from across Ontario came to Guelph to ride our trails. This event will occur again on September 3rd, so stay tuned for the registration window!

Trail Supervisor Joel Lee provided insight on the vision for Guelph Lake‘s trail system in 2023, including: reorganization of the Eastern trails (Hell’s Kitchen, Rogue, etc.), continual improvement of signage beyond 2022’s success, a Homestead reroute, and of course new build and trail plans. A controlled crossing is coming to Victoria Road, which will also be appreciated by many trail users beyond the club. The board is also working on an agreement with the City to obtain the ‘Magic Forest’ and ‘Picnic Table’ trails South of Victoria Road, to improve upon their existing designs.

Jim Brodgen spoke to the Arkell Spring Grounds‘ trails. Inner Sanctum was modified to reduce 2-way traffic and the beginning (and former end) of the trail. He suggested that the new signage and maps are helping trail users better navigate the trail system. If all goes to plan, work on new trails will commence once the Environmental Impact Assessment concludes around the end of this year!

A round of applause was given to Trail Crew, who meet weekly throughout the riding season and beyond to modify and add to our two trail networks.

Thanks Trail Crew!

Video by Jordan Franck.

The presentation element of the AGM concluded with Elections. This year new faces joined the board, and some longstanding members chose to retire or transition into a mentorship role. We thank Don and Troy for their many years of service to the club!

The 2023 GORBA board of directors were elected by the membership in attendance as follows:

  • Lorenz Calcagno is President;
  • Ryan Anstey is Vice President;
  • Meg Thorburn is Treasurer;
  • Don Casey is Past President (a newly created position);
  • Mike Siemens is Secretary;
  • Danielle Bourque is Communications Officer;
  • Joel Lee is Trail Supervisor;
  • Kevin Corrigan is Webmaster;
  • Matt Sanders is Corporate Liaison;
  • Kevin Alger is Trail Ambassador;
  • James Kidston is Special Events Coordinator;
  • and Jim Brogden, John Smith, Mark Oudejans, Tom Auger, Michal Laszczuk, Adrian Mancini, and Andy Hagen are Executive-At-Large.

Photo by Kevin Corrigan.

…and that’s what you missed at the 2023 AGM! We hope to see you next year.

P.S.: Still not grabbed a GORBA jersey? Click the banner below to check out the store, which closes for good on May 22nd!