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Trail Status Designations

This is as good as it gets, conditions are good everywhere.
The conditions are different between Guelph Lake and Arkell. Check the individual Intsagram postings for more details.
Watch for slippery rocks and trails.
Conditions aren’t good and it’s best for everyone that you don’t ride the trails.
Early Spring
Ground is saturated. Don't Ride. Please be patient, we're almost there!
Good Winter
The Winter Loop riding conditions are good!
It’s best you don’t ride – slush freezes over night and then you’re left with frozen ruts.
Slippery but rideable, studs are recommended for best traction.
Conditions are not ideal. Riding is not advised.
Don't Ride
Riding will damage the trails, please stay off.

Guelph Lake Reforestation Update

The thinning of trees at Guelph Lake is complete! Check out for updates from the GRCA.

The main multi-use trails at Guelph Lake are now open and accessible. See map below.

Open Trails:

The open multi-use trails are highlighted in YELLOW. Please do not wander off them.

GORBA Trails are Still Closed

The Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association is currently working on reopening the side trails that our members have built and maintained. Details will be announced via social media and our website as progress is made.

Updates will also be presented at the GORBA AGM on March 20th, 2019, followed by a “question and answer” period.

In the meantime please lookout for and respect the signs put up by the GRCA.